Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is different for every luxury brand. The key is to identify the right audience for your products and services and optimize based on sound goals and objectives. We do the research and find the most "ownable" terms for your website, then dig into the code to make sure Google and other search engines can quickly read and index your website's content. From there, we build relevancy around the keyterms we want to rank high within. Our clients currently hold top positioning for some of the most competitive terms in the nation.

While ranking high for a particular keyterms is important, we also realize that there may be competitors that have held the top spots for years and it may take years to knock them off. For these keyterms, we look to fill the first page with as many links as we possibly can, including, your website, facebook, twitter and other pages, product feeds and sponsored search. While they may hold the top rank for a while, we will have five or more links for the consumer to click!

The following examples show how different search results can be for luxury categories:

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate

nylmedia has also become the leading resource for optimizing flash websites. Typically, flash websites have not been indexed by Google and other search engines, but we have developed the tools and best practices for optimizing these sites without interfering with the rich, flash animated experience.

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