Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per-Click)

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to target affluent users searching for luxury items - homes, vacations, handbags, suits and much more. Additionally, for eCommerce brands, search engine activities can contribute up to 30% of all eComm revenue.

At nylmedia, we will optimize every aspect of your online presence with unmatched precision and sophistication. We begin by developing a custom search engine marketing strategy based on research, competitive analysis and a comprehensive needs/goals assessment. Data from keyword research, pay-per-click campaigns and analytics are cross-referenced to uncover new keyword opportunities and improve efficiency. We continuously optimize the performance of your web pages to maximize conversion rate pushing more people into and through your sales process.

Our unique combination of sophisticated strategy development and extensive consultative research has proved to be the best formula for success. Our campaigns are customized for you with the express purpose that your business outperforms across all the major search engines.

As with search engine optimization, search engine marketing works differently for various luxury categories.

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate