Media Strategy

We have been developing integrated, multi-channel media campaigns for over 12 years. Essentially, we know what works and what doesn't online, offline and on the go. Based on the product and audience subset, we can create a custom program tailored to your needs.

Digital Media
Online advertising is not just about buying banners. When planning an online strategy, we look to create a dominant presence on the internet, sometimes even with the smallest of budgets. Takeover ads, expandable units and video are all tools in our arsenal and make a larger impression than a banner ever can. We have worked with some of the most affluent publishers and networks to create laser-focused campaigns that target the true luxury cosumer on a local, national and international level.

Financial Websites

Traditional Media
While we live most of our life in the digital space, we have also been creating traditional media campaigns for luxury brands for many years. As with our digital strategies, we look to our media partners for the mast targeted placements and offer tremendous added value in the print, outdoor and broadcast media space.