International Advertising

For many products and services, the international audience can represent 25% or more of sales. We have worked with many clients to identify key websites in South America, China, Korea, Western Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We have tested a wide variety of media over the years and know which placements drive traffic and which don't.

Additionally, Google is the #1 or #2 search engine in almost every country. We have translated keyterm lists in over 7 languages and have successfully managed programs across the globe. We also have a large amount of data as to which countries prefer ads in their own languages and which countries click on English ads equally to their native language.

Language Translations

As part of many of our international (and sometimes domestic) efforts, we have translated landing pages, entire websites, brochures and other collateral into multiple languages. Depending on the need, project type and audience, we can create an alternate language environment that consists of product descriptions, contact information and lead capture mechanisms.

Additionally, we have also worked with a variety of clients to translate their advertising copy and creative into multiple languages.