Email Marketing

In an industry that relies heavily on the customer's perception of exclusivity, luxury brands should view newsletters as a great way to heighten this perception. Luxury brands need to be offering exclusive discounts, promotions, and sneak-peeks to high-end consumers. The benefits of email marketing can provide insight into a brand's newest products and special promotions. Consumers can feel like they are one of the lucky few that know about a brand's new endeavors before the products hit the stores.

At nylmedia, we provide seamless multichannel transition to luxury brand email marketing. Brands do not want to confuse their customers, therefore a brand's messaging needs to be consistent across all customer touch points. Email marketing should be at the top of a luxury brand's marketing strategy, both online and offline. With eCommerce alone, email marketing can potentially generate 30% of revenue. It is our goal to help luxury brands know when and how to exercise the power of email marketing.